Below are instructor reflections, syllabi, student blog posts, and acknowledgments for both Entrepreneurial Design, taught at School of Visual Arts MFA in Interaction Design and the Orbital 1K and Bootcamp programs.


"Ask for feedback, but most importantly know when [it] is time to use the feedback and when [it] is time to trash it."

Paula Daneze, This is just the beginning…

"...the most powerful thing about sharing the unfinished, about being open and raw with the world, is that others can recognize themselves in you."

Rachel Balma, Breaking the Golden Record

"Stay within your target audience (somewhat) to get the appropriate feedback. You don’t need to please everyone. "

Andrea Kang, What I learned from launching Reflect, a guided journaling club

"...friends, families, and people have truly surprised me."

Jennifer Wei, Asking for help empowers you

"Sharing your work in public is scary, but it is an essential step to build trust and credibility within your own network."

Margarita Yong, Lessons Learned From Successfully Running a Kickstarter Campaign

"When you send something good to the world, it will come back in the most lovely form of surprise. "

Angie Ngoc Tran, I got kickstarted and here’s what I learned


"Small audiences will actually TALK to you. Embrace that. Engage with people. "

Christine Lawton, What Happens When You Have a Small Audience

"That’s the beauty of the prototype. It’s a way of testing decisions."

Nour Malaeb, On Being Stuck

"If Christina and Gary had simply told us these things I don’t think I would have believed it. The way in which we had to apply and learn as we built real projects really drove these lessons home."

Tyler Gumb, Process over Product

"The biggest lesson I have learned is that good design isn’t just for people - it is with people."

Amy Ashida, What the $1,000 Project Taught Me



"Even if you’re the one with the idea, find a few people to take the journey with you, because you’ll go further, together! "

Datrianna Meeks, With my last entrepreneurial design course...

"I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a solid network together, a network you trust, before embarking on the journey of getting out there [...] and putting yourself in public."

Anupma Rajani, Surround yourself with the right people


"If there’s any secret sauce to entrepreneurship, if there’s any “it” factor, it’s this: start before you feel ready."

Melody Quintana, Embrace the Awkward

"There’s something exciting about taking risks, and not knowing what the outcome will be."

Leroy Tellez, It’s OK to fail

"This class has taught me to have confidence in my opinion, curiosity, and (burgeoning) expertise on design."

Sarah Henry, Entrepreneurial Design: What I’ve Learned



"Doing a Kickstarter turns out to be a great way to reach out to other people with your ideas."

Guri Venstad, Connecting the Cheese

"One of the key things I learned is the huge gulf between theory and practise."

Tony Chu, Fail in Public

"It’s about being genuine. It’s about there being no right answers. About fighting the tendency to ask for approval or permission. About getting out of your head and engaging with the world."

Nikki Sylianteng, A class on life

"I don’t know if you can teach someone to be an entrepreneur any more than you can teach someone to have good taste, but you can teach about the power of the Internet."

Barbara deWilde, Can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur